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Tribal Company About Us

Mens sana in corpore sano "A sound mind in a sound body." Tribal Company is body and spiritual nutrition. Explorers, Natural Medicine Researchers, Travelers, Nightlife Hunters and so on... We want to keep all of our members and visitors (fans) informed and under a unique community. We offer 4 sites in the price of one.

(Nighthawk) "The idea of Tribal company started back in 90s. I tried so hard to find a way to share my knowledge, explorations and travels with everyone worldwide, I was lucky, because at the same time, Internet was discovered". Read more about the Author and Owner.

What We Offer:

We offer 4 websites: 3 of them are website-blogs with some extra main-pages so you can get or download our products.

Mind Nutrition-Body Nutrition - Healing-wellness!

The Wellness Seeker designed for those who like to travel and explore natural treatments and wellness. In Wellness Seeker you will find also Natural Healing Sounds our music healing store of nature sounds and ambient-ethnic music and of course the Wellness Travel Videos store, with wellness places from around the world so you can achieve wellbeing.

Senses Nutrition - Pleasure and Hedonism!

Night Hawk Journeys and Nighthawk Journeys Blog Another way to achieve wellness is by pleasure! Sensational journeys with the sense of sight like a hawk. In Hedonism philosophy of Ancient Greece, pleasure is a power to heal your self from all negative Things. This website dedicated for pleasure hunters who like nightlife from all around the world.

Travel Share and Communication Power...

Travelers Meeting our Tribal community that connecting all travelers and our websites together.

Where We Deliver:

We deliver everything straight from internet, get your password today for any or all of our 4 websites and start download music, photos, nightlife-clips, travel videos and more.  Don't waste your time, get today your password to the absolute exploration membership.